A green light from society and central operators is needed to start the development process.


The idea behind the development project is to conduct research using mainly digital tools. Ta achieve this, mobile app developers are needed. The best result is achieved when the choice is made by society.


The following apps are needed:


  • app for questionnaires

  • app for the use of artificial intelligence in data sorting

  • app for commenting and feedback

  • app for project follow ups and future development

The fast development of the basic app (questionnaire) is paramount to the success of the entire project.

AI and feedback apps during phase 2.

Third phase includes apps for follow up and future development.


Constant updating of the apps will be made during the entire process. Updates are based on the feedback received and keeping in mind that the project is meant to last beyond the length of the pandemic.


The main parts of the mapping phase are:


  • User experience of existing services and applications for the needs of seniors

  • New ideas of development concerning senior citizens

  • Learning and support services for senior

  • Digital services for use during the pandemic

Special feature in starting the development of apps, services, finding of apps and services, the availability of special services are the feedback and opinions received from seniors


The areas of analysis in existing digital services are:

  • travel

  • officials

  • banks

  • hobbies

  • health

  • food deliveries


A simple numerical questionnaire will be used in analysis for the sake of uniformity. Open text form will also be used. These are some areas of interest from the viewpoint of seniors:



  • How many services do they use?

  • How often are the services used?

  • The ease of use.

  • Good parts of services.

  • Drawbacks

  • Areas of development.


The second main point of the questionnaire is to contemplate personal needs toward new senior apps and services. Why the services and apps are needed and possible improvements.


With enough data in the idea bank the next phase will include the analysing of the data for future use. This is a three step process: based on comments and feedback, the use of AI and conclusions of the experts.


It is essential to open the comments to everyone. Single persons, companies, communities and officials. The project works best when the comments are varied and large in numbers.


Using AI the comments can be analysed and compared with the results of the senior citizens survey.

The expert panel will provide opinions about the technology, finances and humanitarian part of the project.


Based on the analysis certain projects will be selected for development. If a home and a developer are found the next phase will be to start production. The developer can be an existing company, a sub-developer (new or already existing) or the development can be fully organic and inspired by the ideas presented. ​

When a home cannot be found the ideas will be put on shelf waiting for future use.


The monitoring app produces data about the different phases of the Digital leap for seniors project. The app also includes a section about the ideas regarding future developments.